Colymer™ SWF4030

ColymerTM SWF4030 is the patent technology of Van Entek Enterprises LTD., based on Dow's high-quality substrate product research and development of general-purpose high-efficiency flocculant.

addition before the multi-medium filter helps to improve the removal of colloidal particles and dissolved polymers by the multi-medium filter. This product is a special flocculant for reverse osmosis pretreatment system, which can make the membrane system run better.


Product Features:

l  It can be used in combination with scale inhibitor and dispersant

l  Good flocculation of colloids, microparticles, dissolved organic matter and organic and inorganic substances

l  Suitable for all major reverse osmosis membranes

l  Improve the anti-particle penetration and backwash effect of the filter

l  pH of raw water is effective between 5-10

l  Excellent solubility and stability

Physical and chemical indicators:

l  Appearance: Colorless or yellowish liquid

l  Chemical properties: polymer organic polymers

l  Density :1.08±0.05


Packaging specifications:

25 kg barrel

Storage conditions:

avoid direct sunlight, minimum storage temperature >0℃.



a typical dosing dose range of 0.5-5 ppm, too low or too high dosing dose will affect the flocculation effect. the dosing dose should be minimized under the premise of the best flocculation effect. excess flocculant can be removed by activated carbon adsorption. Can provide 1 liter water sample, by our technical personnel to determine the most suitable dose.


Security considerations:

Most scale inhibitors contain organic polymers and anions, which may be Colymer with flocculantsTMSWF4030 condensation, resulting in membrane fouling, Colymer.TM SWF4030 in use with other brands of scale inhibitor need to do experiments to determine that no condensation reaction.


If necessary, we can provide the material safety form (MSDS) of the product