Colymer™ A21

ColymerTMA21 is a patented technology of Van Entek Enterprises LTD., based on dow's high-quality substrate product development for RO or UF system chemical cleaning of anionic surfactants, mainly for reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane alkaline chemical cleaning use, combined with sodium hydroxide saponification, removal of membrane system organic matter, microorganisms and other organic pollutants.

The product is suitable for the current market mainstream polyamide composite film. Used in alkaline cleaning, it has the characteristics of wide adaptability, obvious effect, simple operation, safety and environmental protection.

Typical physical and chemical indicators:

(For reference, not understood as sales physicochemical parameters)


Clarify amber liquid*

Main components

alkyl diphenyl ether disulfonate

Type of ion


Active component content (wt%)


PH(10% aqueous solution ,25℃)


Density (25℃)


Brinell viscosity (mpa.s/cps 25℃)


There may be a slight haze, but it does not affect the nature and effect of the product

Solubility & Compatibility:

Soluble with water;

excellent stability and solubility in acidic solutions, alkaline solutions, bleaching solutions, and other oxidation systems.

Storage requirements:

Regular storage to prevent exposure to the sun, avoid freezing and prolonged low temperature (<4℃).

Packaging specifications: 20 kg barrel.

Security considerations:

If necessary, we can provide the material safety form (MSDS) of the product.