Colymer™ SWC2010

ColymerTM SWC2010 is the patented technology of Van Entek Enterprises LTD., based on the research and development of Dow high quality substrate products for reverse osmosis water treatment of alkaline cleaning agent. It can effectively remove all kinds of inorganic and organic pollution, restore and maintain the optimal performance of reverse osmosis membrane, nanofiltration membrane, microfiltration membrane and ultrafiltration membrane.


Product Features:

l  Concentrated to facilitate transport and storage

l  Good cleaning effect, no damage to the film

l  Suitable for cleaning and removing microorganisms, silt, organic matter, colloids and insoluble acids

l  Suitable for all major reverse osmosis membrane, nanofiltration membrane, microfiltration membrane and ultrafiltration membrane

l  Excellent solubility and stability, mixed with water in any proportion

Physical and chemical indicators:

l  Appearance: Clear transparent to slightly foggy yellow liquid

l  Chemical properties: organic mixtures

l  pH value :11.0--13.0

l  Density :1.30±0.05


Packaging specifications: 20 kg barrel

Storage conditions:

Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature (freezing may occur when the temperature is less than 1℃ without affecting use after thawing)


1. do the preparation work before cleaning, according to the ratio of 1 liter cleaning agent to 40 liters of water configuration cleaning liquid, full of cleaning medicine box.

2. cleaning solution in the system at least 1 hour for each cycle, at the same time to soak more than 2 hours.

3. increase the temperature of cleaning solution is beneficial to improve the cleaning effect, we should pay attention not to exceed 40ºC..

Pump pressure less than 4.2 Kg/cm2 during cleaning

Flow rate recommended for each pressure vessel :4 inches 2.1 m3/h

                                        8 inches 8.0 m3/h

After cleaning, rinse with product water at low pressure for at least 30 minutes.

System is put back into operation, the first 15 minutes of product water will be drained.

Security considerations:

If necessary, we can provide the material safety form (MSDS) of the product