Colymer™ SWR5100

ColymerTM SWR5100 is the patent technology of Van Entek Enterprises LTD., based on Dow's high-quality substrate products developed for reverse osmosis water treatment of general scale dispersant.

It is especially suitable for water quality with high content of metal oxide, silicon and scale-causing salts. It has high scale inhibition efficiency and does not form insoluble polymers with residual coagulants or iron-rich silicon compounds.

ColymerTM SWR5100 scale inhibitor is a low phosphorus, degradable harmless chemicals, in line with strict emission environmental regulations.

Product Features:

l  Effective control of inorganic scaling in a large concentration range with a maximum allowable value LSI 2.8 without acid addition

l  Non-coagulation with Fe-Al oxides and silicon compounds to form insoluble matter

l  Especially effective for controlling iron, aluminum and heavy metal pollutants, the concentration of iron on the inlet side is allowed to reach 8.0 ppm.

l  It can effectively inhibit the polymerization and deposition of silicon.

l  It can effectively control the scaling of active silicon and iron ions in raw water on reverse osmosis membrane.

l  Suitable for all major reverse osmosis membranes.

l  pH of raw water is effective between 5-10

l  Compliance with drinking water production standards (ANSI/NSF60 certification)

l  Excellent solubility and stability.


Physical and chemical indicators:

l  Appearance: Clear clear colorless liquid

l  Chemical properties: organic phosphonate small molecular polymers

l  pH :1.0-2.0(8x concentrate);1.5-2.5(standard solution)

l  Density :1.45±0.10(8x concentrate);1.08±0.05(standard solution)


Packaging specifications: 20 kg barrel.

Storage conditions:

Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature (freezing may occur when the temperature is below 4℃ without affecting use after thawing)


The dosage was calculated according to the raw water quality analysis report. the scaling tendency of the reverse osmosis system can be effectively controlled within the recommended dose range.

Security considerations:

If necessary, we can provide the material safety form (MSDS) of the product