Colymer™ SWB3040

ColymerTM SWB3040 is a generic fungicide based on Dow's high-quality substrate product developed byVan Entek Enterprises LTD.

SWB3040 is a new type of environment-friendly non-oxidizing fungicide, which has the advantages of high efficiency, broad spectrum, easy degradation and no residual toxicity.use is safer than formaldehyde, chlorine, or hydrogen peroxide.Add ColymerTMSWB3040 to reverse osmosis system water, can control microorganisms quickly.

Product Features:

l  Special fungicides for reverse osmosis, excellent results for common microorganisms in water

l  It can kill bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae by broad spectrum

l  The sterilization speed is fast, the addition quantity is extremely low

l  Good compatibility with scale inhibitor

l  Suitable for all major reverse osmosis membranes

l  pH of raw water is effective between 5-10

l  Good compatibility with aqueous phase, no precipitation crystallization


Physical and chemical indicators:

l  Appearance: Clear transparent to slightly foggy yellow liquid

l  Chemical properties: Bromine mixture

l  pH value :1.5--5.0

l  Density :1.10--1.30


Packaging specifications: 25 kg barrel

Storage conditions:

Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature (it is recommended that the temperature not be higher than 35℃, otherwise it is easy to cause product decomposition)


1. Add online:

Continuous addition, recommended dosage 5-30 ppm

Addition intermittently, recommended dosage 50-250 ppm


Note: Do not ColymerTM SWB3040 added to reverse osmosis systems with sodium bisulfite or other reducing agents. All reducing agents must be added ColymerTM pause at least 15 minutes before SWB3040 to avoid loss of fungicides active ingredients.


Security considerations:

If necessary, we can provide the material safety form (MSDS) of the product